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Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture

Chinese medicine views human beings as energetic systems that mirror nature. Disease, or discomfort, indicates a loss of balance. Remedy professionally trained and licensed acupuncturist, Claudia Voyles, LAc, DAOM, diagnoses, identifies imbalances and develops individualized treatments to relieve symptoms and restore health. The tools of Chinese medicine include acupuncture, acupressure, herbal formulas, moxibustion, Asian bodywork, cupping, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, Qi Gong and other energetic healing techniques.

Not just for pain, this ancient and modern system addresses the whole person, including physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects, and can therefore treat a wide range of conditions.

Many patients use Chinese medicine alone or in concert with conventional Western medical interventions to address chronic and acute conditions and to maintain overall wellness. Commonly treated condition categories include: neurological, musculo-skeletal, digestive, emotional/psychological, immunological, respiratory and gynecological.

By placing very fine needles into the surface of the body, acupuncture helps restore balance by contacting and influencing the energetic flow to and between vital organs in the body. Sometimes there is a temporary, pinch-like sensation when the needles are inserted, but people are usually surprised when it doesn't hurt the way they expected. Claudia only uses sterile, disposable needles.
Patients can choose to have treatment with other, non-needle therapies if they prefer.

Herbal Medicine
In the Chinese medical system, herbs and foods possess healing properties. Herbs are combined synergistically in formulas, taken as teas, tinctures, and pills, or applied topically. Claudia matches appropriate formulas to each person's unique symptoms and constitution. 

More Information can be found at,, (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association), and (National Institutes of Health)