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Lee A Edwards


 Let the longing do the work -- Hafiz

Lee does individual therapy and couples counseling. He likes to work with clients who want change their lives and are ready to do things differently to get different outcomes. He emphasizes authenticity in therapy and in life. He enjoys working with creative people and combining "talk therapy" with more experiential therapies such as paying attention to immediate experience in the session. 

Lee completed his BA in philosophy at UT, then his MA and PhD in counseling psychology at the University of Maryland. He is a licensed psychologist. Since graduate school, he has had extensive training in integrative, body-oriented therapy (Yoga For The Emotional Body and Hakomi therapy). He served as director of counseling services at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas for nine years before entering private practice. He now practices psychotherapy and plays music with his wife, Remedy acupuncturist, Claudia Voyles.


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4403 Manchaca Rd, Ste A, Austin, TX 78745