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Psychotherapy / Counseling

What is psychotherapy/counseling?

People hold deep beliefs, images, and models of self, world, and others (called:  "core material").  This core material strongly influences how and what people perceive, think about, and how they take action in the world. The process of psychotherapy can help bring about lasting change.

The purposes of psychotherapy are:
  1. to bring this core material into awareness;
  2. to examine its influence on perception, thinking, and action;
  3. to begin experimentation with new beliefs, images, and models;
  4. to teach the ways in which this bringing into awareness, review, and changing of core beliefs can be done as a life-long discipline, a way of life;
  5. to translate this learning into taking action in the individual's environment so that all may benefit.
Chris Crosby  and Lee A Edwards have counseling practices at Remedy Center for Healing Arts.